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Refersion Connects the Dots in Affiliate Marketing

Offering a better affiliate experience is one of the best ways to acquire and retain affiliates, and boost your affiliate marketing campaigns. The affiliate marketing field is getting more competitive every year. There are over 11,000 affiliate programs in the U.S. alone, according to one estimate. That means your affiliates have plenty of choices.

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What It Takes To Offer a World-Class Affiliate Experience

Offering a seamless affiliate program to your affiliates is one of the best ways to scale your business. There’s just one problem—affiliate managers have a lot to manage to run profitable affiliate marketing campaigns. More than 60,000 brands trust Refersion for their affiliate marketing program growth using our complete platform.

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Seamless affiliate recruiting

Finding qualified affiliates and onboarding them has proven time-consuming in the past. With Refersion, you can easily recruit affiliates through a branded self-registration page added to your website and convert customers to ambassadors with post-purchase pop-up.

Affiliate Discovery

Refersion brands can scale their ecommerce sales by quickly growing their affiliate networks and streamlining the entire process of researching, discovering, and reaching out to new affiliates. Get introduced to new affiliates whose audience matches your own.

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Review affiliate applications

The best affiliates might go elsewhere if you keep them waiting too long. Tracking requests through emails or spreadsheets can work. However, that kind of manual affiliate management quickly gets infuriating once you have dozens or hundreds of affiliate conversions.

Premium Affiliate Recruiting

Connect your top-performing ecommerce publishers with our automated product feed and build strategic partnerships that drive predictable, high-ROI conversions.

Testimonial author - Alyssa Wee

“This tool has been a game-changer in our affiliate recruitment efforts. The integration with Refersion has streamlined our targeted outreach process. It has also made it easier for us to discover new affiliates we otherwise wouldn’t have found.”

Alyssa Wee, Head of Partnerships, Pique Tea

On-time affiliate payments

What if you offer 200 products and they all have different commission rates in order to keep your profit margins healthy? Reviewing each affiliate commission, paying them correctly and paying third party payment commissions gets complicated and expensive in larger affiliate programs.

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Produce affiliate marketing reports

Top performing brands see up to 25% of their revenue come from affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate managers need to be able to show the impact of their campaigns. Compiling affiliate marketing data can take a lot of time from different systems. Easily access centralized affiliate program data to customize and report at the frequency you need.

Identify your top affiliates visual

Identify your top affiliates

Being aware of your top affiliates and their performance is mission critical for long term success. Quickly obtain the necessary details so you can quickly reward your best affiliates with bonuses, cards and other recognition for an optimized retention strategy.

See how other Refersion customers are growing their revenue

Simply Earth featured image
Simply Earth

Simply Earth, a family-owned essential oils brand, is redefining the world’s perception of essential oils with affordable products and a thriving ambassador program powered by Refersion.

“We wanted to work with an affiliate marketing platform that shared the same characteristics as our essential oils – simple and efficient. Refersion’s technology made managing the scaling of our affiliate program easier than we ever imagined.”

Hannah Mason, Ambassador Marketing Manager, Simply Earth
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Boardroom Socks featured image
Boardroom Socks

Boardroom Socks partnered with Refersion in 2019 to cultivate a robust affiliate marketing program that would allow them to bring in new customers and protect the brand’s bottom line.

“Thanks to Refersion, our affiliate traffic converts roughly five times higher than the remainder of our traffic. As our program has continued to grow, it now constitutes over 10 percent of our revenue.”

Nathan James, CEO, Boardroom Socks
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