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The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Toolkit for Your Health and Wellness Business

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Refersion Makes Health & Wellness Affiliate Marketing Easy

What good is an affiliate program if you can’t track your performance, or recruit and reward your top affiliates? Refersion helps health & wellness businesses do just that, so they can sell more products and services with ease.

Specially designed to supercharge affiliate marketing efforts for:

  • Fitness coaches
  • Nutritional supplement products
  • Exercise and outdoor equipment
  • Mental health coaches
Promoting health and wellness products with brand ambassadors is getting easier.

Promoting health and wellness products with brand ambassadors is getting easier.

Whether you offer fitness coaching, nutritional supplements or other health products, working with affiliates and influencers is a scalable, cost-effective way to earn more sales. You can manage thousands of influencers and brand ambassadors with Refersion.

Over 60,000 brands use Refersion

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Performix Signs Up 1,200 Affiliates

Perfomix, a health company that offers nutritional supplements and fitness products, has grown revenue significantly by creating more than 1,000 affiliates. The company launched a branded referral network powered by Refersion. By giving affiliates their dashboard, reps can track their performance of promotions.

Scaling a Million Dollar Affiliate Program to 3,000 Ambassadors

Since launching their program with Refersion in 2016, Simply Earth has earned over $1M in ambassador revenue and registered almost 3,000 new ambassadors. As their team looks to the future, they anticipate significant growth for their ambassador program.

“Refersion has enabled us to scale our affiliate program by doing the tedious, time-consuming work for us. The Refersion team is always so helpful when implementing new things and answering any questions.”

Hannah Mason, Ambassador Marketing Manager, Simply Earth

Boost Your CBD Sales

Millennials in the 23-38 years old age range are the most loyal consumers of legal cannabis and CBD products in the U.S. To communicate cannabidiol’s health benefits to people with pain, migraines, anxiety, or stress, you need an individual who knows how to speak to them—someone whose word they can trust when it comes to their health.

With Refersion, you can recruit and manage CBD influencers your audience already listens to and get them marketing your products.

Because advertising channels for CBD products are already subject to legal restrictions, leveraging the affiliate marketing channel is crucial to your brand’s success. Refersion simplifies how you recruit top affiliates with existing audience bases in the CBD space and turns them into your brand advocates. This leaves you free to focus on the growth areas that are most important for your business, while your affiliate program runs seamlessly.

Take Your Fitness & Wellness Business to the Next Level

Make smart decisions about commission rates, payouts, and rewards with powerful data that helps you track and identify top affiliates with ease. Set reward requirements, regulate payments to go out at the same time every month—or choose when you want to pay. Your entire affiliate program can be tweaked to your design, and you can manage the entire affiliate management workflow from one place.

  • Invite your affiliates to track their earnings through Refersion while you track conversions from their affiliate links.
  • Leverage data to recruit, reward and retain top affiliates. Want to set different commission rates for those who meet a certain KPI every month? Get, set, done!
  • Grow your affiliate network.
  • Make your campaigns more profitable with real-time actionable insights.

Getting started is easy

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