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Track Influencer Marketing Campaigns

According to research from Matter Communications, nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults between 18 and 60 trust recommendations from friends, family and influencers. That’s one reason the influencer marketing industry is worth more than $13 billion in 2021, up from $6.5 billion in 2019. The only question is whether your company has the tools to make the most of influencer marketing.

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Why Yesterday’s Basic Influencer Marketing Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

When influencer marketing first got started, it was simple: Send a free product to an influencer, ask them to make a post about your company, and wait for sales. Modern influencer marketing is different. To succeed, you need to:

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Adopt A Campaign Approach.

Expecting an influencer to strike gold on their first post is increasingly unrealistic. Instead, it is better to plan for a campaign – a series of posts with different ideas – to achieve success.

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Keep Testing New Ideas.

Consumer preferences and fashions are constantly changing. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an open mind with your influencer marketing campaigns. If an influencer suggests something you’ve never tried before, let them try it! This testing principle also extends to the media you use to experiment with photos, videos, text posts, and other formats.

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Track Your Campaign Results Systematically.

Keeping track of a single influencer campaign is easy – you can probably manage that through email and a spreadsheet. Managing 50 or 1000 influencers requires a different approach. Use Refersion’s tracking features to instantly generate reports on all of your campaigns. This data can give you insight on which influencer campaigns should be expanded and which should be cut back.

Your Path to Easy Influencer Marketing Starts Here

Sign up for a free trial of Refersion to organize your influencer marketing efforts. You’ll have 14 days to see how Refersion can simplify the end-to-end affiliate management for you. Refersion can create custom coupon codes so you can track the performance of each influencer post and campaign. Use this data to double down on your best influencers and grow your revenue faster.

Goorin Bros. featured image
Goorin Bros.

Founded in 1895, global hat, apparel and accessories brand Goorin Bros. instituted an affiliate marketing program and applied Refersion’s technology to heighten brand awareness while challenging customers to embrace their unique style.

“Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform is the fuel to excite our customer base into spreading the word of our brand all over town!”

Nicky Cutler, Social Media Manager at Goorin Bros.
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