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Grow your program with accurate & reliable affiliate tracking

Refersion’s robust affiliate tracking accurately captures every conversion, fostering trust with your affiliates and unlocking new possibilities for growth.
Refersion Attribution & First-Party Tracking

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Refersion’s reliable affiliate tracking helps you:

Ensure Timely and Fair Payments

Precise & reliable attribution of sales ensures affiliates are fairly compensated and you can effectively measure campaign ROI.

Future-Proof with First-Party Tracking

Direct and reliable data collection enhances the accuracy of performance metrics and enables more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Maximize Conversions with Less Friction

Build referral links with your shop’s domain and increase conversion rates by ensuring the customer can always check out.

First-party tracking for secure customer data

Refersion’s tracking does not rely on traditional cookies, ensuring long-term security and safety of user data.

When a customer visits your site with an affiliate link, Refersion records a click for the affiliate identified by that unique link. A unique cart ID related to the customer’s shopping session is also added, which allows Refersion to identify this click later when the customer completes their purchase. The cart ID in the click data is matched to the cart ID in the order data to create a conversion.

Track all types of affiliates in the way that works for you

Whether your affiliate program includes influencers, publishers, or ambassadors, Refersion can track them all. Our platform can track and manage sales through various methods like referral links, coupon codes, and email address, so you can choose the best method for each partner.

Accurate commissions build trust with affiliates

Precise tracking ensures that affiliates are accurately compensated for the sales and leads they generate. This builds trust and strengthens relationships with affiliates, encouraging them to continue promoting the products or services. Plus, your affiliates have access to transparent and detailed reporting, allowing them to monitor their performance and commissions.

Tracking that enhances the customer’s journey

With Refersion there’s no intermediary pages. That means when a potential customer clicks on an affiliate link, they are taken directly to your product page or the intended landing page without any additional navigation or extra steps. This direct approach can significantly enhance the user experience, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Refersion Data Insights & Privacy

Accurate and Reliable Tracking Allows You To:

  • Easily collect data without cookie tracking
  • Stay compliant with privacy regulations
  • Collect valuable insights for campaign optimization
  • Gain a more accurate view of customer behavior and affiliate success
  • Maintain crucial affiliate relationships
Testimonial author - Oscar Diaz

Not only is Refersion’s platform highly intuitive to use, but we’ve experienced consistently reliable tracking on both our end and for our affiliates. Over the three years we’ve been using Refersion, our affiliates have encountered minimal to no tracking issues, further strengthening our relationships with them.

Oscar Diaz, Sobefy eCommerce’s Managing Director, Agency for DryEye Rescue
Testimonial author - Nathan James

“Thanks to Refersion, our affiliate traffic converts roughly five times higher than the remainder of our traffic. As our program has continued to grow, it now constitutes over 10 percent of our revenue.”

Nathan James, CEO, Boardroom Socks
Testimonial author - Leah Lapic

“With a very lean team, Refersion’s automation has been invaluable to helping us scale our business. Being able to scale our ambassador program has empowered Fuego to connect and build relationships with dancers around the world!”

Leah Lapic, Director of Marketing, Fuego

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