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Refersion Live

Refersion hosts regular webinars that provide affiliate marketing best practices, discussions and insights from industry experts, case study interviews and more. You’ll find Refersion Live Webinar recordings on this page.

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Different affiliate partners attract different audiences and engage them at different points in their buyer’s journey. Learn how by diversifying, you can reach a broader range of potential customers, meet them at the right time in their purchasing process, and increase your brand exposure and sales potential.

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Google has begun efforts to eliminate third-party cookies from Google Chrome by Q3 2024. If you’re not prepared, these changes can drastically impact your affiliate program in several ways.

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This video delves into the essential steps required to start a successful affiliate program and promises to provide invaluable insights and guidance for individuals and businesses looking to tap into the power of affiliate marketing.

The lure of high ROI and fast growth has had brands searching for the magic formula for affiliate success. How do you attract the best affiliates? Where do you find them? Get insights from Publisher Discovery, Hawke Media and Refersion.

Discover tried-and-true tactics that activate and motivate your influencers and affiliates to promote your brand and maximize their results during the holiday season frenzy. Influencer platform, MagicLinks, joins Refersion for this informative discussion.

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Watch this webinar on-demand as experts from Refersion, Kynship, Klarna, #Paid, and Inveterate unpack the shifting influencer landscape so your brand can stay one step ahead of the latest trends.

Join DTC expert Nik Sharma and Erik Swanson of Refersion for tips on how to drive more affiliate and influencer sales on Black Friday — and for the entire holiday shopping season.

After the holidays, online retailers often struggle to maintain consumer interest and sales. Join experts from RightPoint, Skubana (now Extensiv), Clearco, Omnisend and Refersion to discuss customer engagement strategies you can take to keep the holiday momentum going in the New Year.